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PhosLocker was created in Phoenix, Arizona, by Frank Kneib.

Frank Kneib, MBA, CPESC, CPO,  has 27 years in the pool industry, focusing on aquatic facilities and new technologies. His specialties include his patented natural biopolymers applications in petrochemical, industrial wastewater, and stormwater. Frank's expertise in water treatment is sought globally for consultation and design of industrial treatment systems. Frank consults for regulatory bodies including state agencies and the EPA.  

Frank is the technologist behind Phoslocker and its application in pools.

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How it Works

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Why Choose PhosLocker?

No Wait Time

Use the pool right away without clouding!

No loading filtration equipment.

No second trip.


Subtractive Technology

No added chemicals = Better water quality

PhosLocker doesn't add Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to your water

Cost Effective

Less draining and filling required.

Quick and Easy

Just drop it in and let it get to work!

30 Days of Use

PhosLocker remains in the pool treating continuously for one month.

No Measuring

Every package comes with a

ready-to-use pouch!

We have had more difficulties with phosphate levels being higher this year, and it was much hotter, so we had more yellow algae issues.
We have used liquid phosphate removers in the past, so I wasn’t getting
the same performance this year. When I put a PhosLocker in, within a week or two the pools were all cleared up and looking great!
I love them, they are so easy to use and I don’t have to clean the filter afterwards.
A yellow algae bloom costs a lot to kill, so using PhosLocker saves money.

Service Tech Tim B.
Phoenix AZ

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Get in Touch

2921 W. Osborn Rd, Ste C.

Phoenix, AZ 85017

(602) 641-8282

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PhosLocker, like other phosphate removal products, does not replace the need for standard disinfection products, but it can work synergistically with any type of disinfection system in the market today.  Daily, even hourly variations in disinfectant levels can create a situation where algae has a chance to thrive and the expense of killing an algae bloom is significantly more than a preventive product like PhosLocker.  Use PhosLocker as a simple layer of protection to keep pool water clean.  


PhosLocker is the CLEAR choice in Phosphate removal.

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