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How to Use PhosLocker

Step 1:

Adding PhosLocker pouch to the pool skimmer

Put the PhosLocker pouch in the pool skimmer area.

The PhosLocker pouch can be placed in the throat of the skimmer or inside the skimmer basket.

If locating inside the skimmer basket, routinely clean basket from leaves and debris to ensure good water flow contact with the PhosLocker pouch.

Step 2:

Handsome man with inflatable ring in swimming pool

Relax and enjoy your pool!

With PhosLocker there's no wait time, so you can use the pool right away!

No clouding, no loading filtration equipment, and no second trip needed!

Step 3:

Sustainable garden with new growth vegetable plants

Remove the PhosLocker pouch after 30 days and pour the phosphate rich fertilizer into your garden!

One month of use, and your plants will love it too!

Thanks to our LOW WASTE technology, the contents of your used PhosLocker pouch now contain nutrient rich fertilizer that you can add to your garden and flower beds!

LARGE pool gradient(3000 × 800 px).png

PhosLocker in Action!

A small scale test of water without PhosLocker where water is green with algae
A small scale test of water that had PhosLocker where water is clear and no algae

With PhosLocker

Without PhosLocker

From green to serene, tackling phosphates head-on!

10 gallon simulated pools both with 1300 ppb starting PO4 level.

The left pool contains 1300 ppb with no treatment.

The right pool used PhosLocker Max coated media and dropped to PO4 16 ppb.

Chlorine levels in both pools was below 0.5 ppm. 

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